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In Game Posts on March 8, 2014 at 2:16 pm
Reece drives to the basket?

Reece drives to the basket?

Well here we are again, folks. After graduating FIVE seniors, Belmont has earned the regular season OVC title and is playing against a very good EKU team in the OVC championship game tonight at 6:oopm on ESPN2.

To get here, Belmont had to beat a hot Morehead State team that had just defensively steamrolled Tennessee Tech the night before. We were worried that Belmont’s turnover-prone offense would have a hard time keeping things together against a team playing with a chip on it shoulder. Instead, Belmont’s insane shooting performance (FGM-A: 27-51, 52.9% & 3PM-A 11-24, 45.8%) naturally opened up the court to a defense that was on its toes all night.

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Belmont vs. Ohio

In Game Posts on February 22, 2013 at 8:56 am

Well, here we are. It’s BracketBuster time. I think I’m supposed to be excited about this thing but to be honest – its hard –  and for a number of reasons. The first is obvious and on record: we wanted Creighton.  This is no knock on Ohio but we wanted to throw the best team available into the Curb so we could really see what the Bruins were made of.

The second reason is that Ohio is really good. Like sweet 16 good. The Mont has played many games in the national spotlight and have a penchant for landing results in the bad-to-mixed range.

This is definitely not helped by the fact that Ian Clark, one of the best 3pt shooters in the NCAA and the backbone of the Bruins has gone 2 – 15 from 3 ball land over the past 2 games. I really hope this is not Ian regressing to human being levels.

That’s also not to mention that Blake seems to still not be 100% healthy, JJ aka ‘The Road Warrior’ hasn’t consistently shot well at home, and Kerron is increasingly sharing time with . . . Reece Chamberlain? Here’s to hoping the spotlight kicks everyone into gear this time around.

While the Ohio matchup isn’t quite the level of prime time we had hoped for, one Byrdcage contributor pointed out earlier this week that the bracket buster still bears some noteworthy significance for Belmont’s post season aspirations. A win against the Bobcats would put Belmont at 7-3 vs Top 100 RPI teams this season. Surprisingly, several pundits are still tossing our name around in the at-large bid conversation and a victory here would really strengthen their argument.

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