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The Weekly Wrap – The String Theory Edition?

In Game Posts on December 30, 2013 at 4:02 pm
"Ever Drink Bailey's from a shoe?"

“Ever Drink Bailey’s from a shoe?”

The Bruins lost to Indiana State. This loss, in and of itself, doesn’t really tell us much more about the Bruins’ chances for the rest of this season. However, this loss to the Sycamores puts to rest a December which I’m sure Coach Byrd would like to forget. Belmont finishes 1-5 on the month after going 7-1 during November continuing the ByrdCage’s theme for the season of “Who is this team?”

As Jono pointed out last week, ultimately it matters little for the Bruins what happens in December. For better or worse, this team’s fate will likely be decided during the first week of March in the OVC Tournament. This is just the sort of ho-hum, let’s hope for the best season we expected before Belmont upset UNC in November. Hopefully, during the holidays you haven’t been imagining a world in which Belmont didn’t lose to South Dakota State (not San Diego State), Denver and Indiana State. Hopefully you didn’t consider what might have been if the Bruins had upset VCU. That world, which might exist in some sort of string theory type discussion, might also include an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. That 12-2 Belmont team, which is floating somewhere in the ether, has fans who eagerly await the 2014 portion of the season. They’re hoping for the Bruins to simply hold form and accept that at-large bid. Some ByrdCagers have probably already assembled a list of NCAA Tournament Second Round (technically still First Round, but whatever) sites and may have already created travel plans.

Alas, we find ourselves in this reality in which the Bruins have to win in order to travel to the Big Dance again this year. Would we have it any other way? Yes – well, I would anyway. Bert probably prefers our current reality.

So with all my melancholy grievances having been aired, let’s now take a quick peek at the week ahead – the first week of OVC Conference play.

  • JAN 2, 7PM, at the Curb
    • Jacksonville State Gamecocks: Remember the guys who used to wear those hats that said “COCKS” on them? That was stupid. The early 2000s were a weird time.
      • Best Win: Central Michigan
      • Worst Loss: Arkansas-Little Rock
      • Assessment: Just show up. Losing this game would be really, really bad.

ByrdCage Nation (all twelve of you) please come to both of these games. I know we bag on the Bruins a lot but we love them and we would like for you to love them as well. It’s sort of a self-esteem thing.

Vaya Con Dios & Happy New Year

– @NashSnx


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