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A Dark Night in Denver, on to Kentucky

In Game Posts on December 20, 2013 at 10:25 am

Do you remember the scene in The Dark Knight Rises when Batman fights Bane in the sewer?

I do.  How can you forget it?  It is one of the most surprising moments in superhero cinematic history.  It was surprising, but at the same time it was completely understandable.  And when you really think back- you know were almost expecting it in the back of your mind.

Batman not only gets beat in this battle, he gets completely demolished.  He has nothing.

I sense that you know where i’m going at this point.  The team who beat North Carolina in Chapel Hill drops back to back games on a trip from the west coast to bourbon country.

Let me get a bit more specific about our loss at Denver.

Belmont goes 4-19 from the 3 against one of the worst 3-point defenses in the country.

Belmont turns the ball over 20 times.



Denver goes on a 16-0 run after we “cut” their lead to 10.

Belmont now averages a turnover every fifth possession.


Belmont loses 62-90.

Greg Sage does a great job on the official Belmont Basketball website here going in to the nitty gritty, but I feel as though the above illustrations do a decent job as well.

Who is this team?  Sure, this team has injuries.  Sure, this team has played above expectations.  But who are the Belmont Bruins?  Who are they in their own mindset?  Who are they in practice?  

The Bruins have both over-performed and disappointed this season.  That is the plain truth.  The Byrd Cage calls a spade a spade, y’all.  But one thing we have to focus on is not focusing on the past.  And, unfortunately, we have to focus on the Kentucky Wildcats now.

The problem with Kentucky is that they are Kentucky.  They are full of the best athletes in the nation, are seemingly all over 7 foot, and they have lost 3 games.  The fact that the hype is over means that Kentucky will not be taking this game lightly, especially since we beat the team they just lost to (see:  North Carolina).  Kentucky ranks 8th in the nation in rebounding and is in the top 50 in points scored per game.  They also have a 250 pound freshman doing some things.  I really could highlight every Kentucky starter here but I won’t waste your time.  Just trust, they are good.  If I had one of those fancy pre-game formulas for winning- it might just be; “Don’t let Julius Randle throw us around like rag-dolls.  Oh yeah, and don’t turn the ball over.”

All in all, I just want to see a focused, hard-working game at Rupp.  We don’t have near the athletic talent that these guys have, but we have proved under Coach Byrd that we are a team that is not taken lightly that can win.  This will not be North Carolina, folks.


But you never know.



Belmont plays Kentucky in Lexington on Saturday, Dec. 20th.  Tip-off is at 11 a.m. on ESPNU


– Brett McReynolds


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