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Brian Dunn Uncaged: MTSU

In Game Posts on December 4, 2013 at 8:05 pm


Editors Note: Behold! This is the second installment of our Double Take on The Battle in The Boro (Read Part I here). We can’t remember if Dunn has written a post for The Cage yet, but he’s been around. He’s a loyal Belmont expat and is totally pissed about the existence of  MTSU – and possibly Murfreesboro. His thoughts from afar…

Deep within the rolling hills of Rutherford County lies a storied program, one rich with tradition, a rabid fan base and home to one the darlings of college basketball, Middle Tennessee University.  Nestled amongst the Toots (see Adult Steve’s review), Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Longhorn’s, Olive Garden’s and Applebee’s of the world you will find a quaint campus in which the Blue Raiders reside. MTSU, as a program, has spared no expense in providing top notch facilities in developing the mecca of all meccas for collegiate athletics.

A warehouse… I mean The Murphy Center

Here it is boys and girls, the Murphy Center in all of its glory. Is anyone looking for warehouse space off Interstate 24?

The expert analysts over at  (see Belmont Beats UNC Thread)  rolled out an full-scale class war over city vs. country.  Hatred due to – and I quote “the unwarranted local media orgasms with Belmont driven by politics and Curb Records.” (?!!) They are the chuckleheads who rushed the court after defeating an unranked Belmont team and would have done so again last night had they won their damn game. Some of our fellow cagers have loved ones or family members who have attended the self-proclaimed Tennessee’s #1 public insitution and for that I’m sorry.

So is this the beginning of a budding rivalry? I hope so, the envy that spews from the Boro is agonizing and pathetic.  Raiders fans have an obsession with the belief that a C-USA school should never bow down to a lowly OVC school such as Belmont.  Yet here we are with MTSU throwing a stupid Blue-Blackout party like it’s the Battle for Middle Earth. Blackout ineffective…well played MTSU, well played indeed.  The only thing more black and blue besides the crowd was a beaten down sense of pride from the Raiders bench. Guys, Kermit Davis and crew couldn’t even beat a Rick Byrd team that essentially was on life support. The ONE GUY, let me repeat that, the ONE GUY  they had to stop was JJ Maan…. and he goes off for 32.

Fellow MTSU’ers were touting this game as their key to another at-large and while that may be true to some extent, the conversation of an at-large bid without a gauge on conference play is baffling. It is almost as baffling as having a flying horse shooting lightning from its mouth as your mascot. Although I didn’t watch the game because Altanta ( I live in Atlanta) sucks and doesn’t offer the premium channel package of MyTV 30; I was thus forced to fend for myself on ESPN Gamecast. It looked like a hard fought win and hopefully will bide us some time in order to get Craig and Reece back up to speed.  Hopefully next year we’ll make the boro come to us.

Oh yeah and we ‘won the damn the game’ again.

All hail Byrd.

– @BrianCDunn

*The views in this opinion are solely that of Brian Dunn and do not  nceccessarly reflect the ideals of the other writers (the majority) on this blog. Some of our fellow cagers have loved ones or family members who have attended the self-proclaimed Tennessee’s #1 public insitution and for that I’m sorry…but not really.

  1. Please go back to your hipster, liberal filled Belmont and stay there if you hate the Boro so much. I will take MT and Murfreesboro any day over your “middle of neighborhood” university. You beat us in basketball. Congrats. Now when your university grows like ours or when you actually compete in other sports, I could understand your ranting. But right now, you just sound like a 5 year old who received the Spider-Man toy instead of Batman.

  2. You and your 20 other fans sound a little jealous of MT. Too bad you’ll be in the OVC! That competition sure is tough.

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