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Belmont Beats Lipscomb 87-83

In Game Posts on November 8, 2013 at 10:07 pm


The Lipscomb Locker Room.


Where do I even start with this one?  Belmont won- but that was not the main storyline here.

I might start by mentioning the 3 stops in play in the first half that occurred because Lipscomb fans were throwing confetti in the air and onto the court after layups- even during a fast break by their OWN team.  Or, I could start by mentioning 25 foot long golden Fun-Noodle a fan held up the entire game in front of the camera, often blocking out Reece Chamberlain on the broadcast, and blocking him more than any of our defenders blocked Lipscomb tonight.  Or maybe I could talk about why we didn’t do a preview of this game, because we shouldn’t be playing this game every year- not to mention twice- every. single. year.  It’s also because I thought this game was going to be so boring it would have looked like the preview of the Florida Gulf Coast match-ups I did back when we were in the A-Sun.  … …

But that was not the case- Alexander’s boys came to play and we, simply, did not.

At A Glance:

-Lipscomb won the rebound war 39-24

-Belmont was 6-22 (.273) from the 3

-Belmont was 24-49 (.490) on free throws

-Lipscomb turned the ball over 24 times

-J.J. Mann was 0-8 from the 3

Post-Game interviews by Voice of the Bruins, Kevin Ingram

Blake Jenkins on how they played against Lipscomb played tonight;

“Coach Alexander had those boys ready.  We struggled at the line, but at crunch time we buckled down and made our shots.”

On rough play;

“I just got my head banged up a bit, but i’m alright.  It’s a battle here- you’re always gonna come out with a couple scars.”

Coach Byrd on Lipscomb’s performance;

“I really thought they deserved to win. I felt like they played better, I felt like they made more shots, and certainly three pointers were a big difference.  Somehow our guys found a way to pull it out.  We played in so much foul trouble we didn’t have alot of options.”

Coach Byrd on the new rules;

“We were afraid to foul- we worked on not fouling the dribbler all offseason, and they hurt us with our inability to guard the guys.”

Coach Byrd on young players (Chowboy and Holden);

“Boy did we ever need clutch free throws [at the end] the way we shot them tonight.  What Holden does, you look at his numbers-and  there is nothing on there, yet he rarely makes a mistake. He was a key in the game.”

Coach Byrd on Blake Jenkins’ performance;

“He battled, he got hurt- he was in foul trouble- but he guarded Malcom Smith who is so hard to guard.  I felt like he was tough as nails and didn’t want to lose the game.  He’s come a long way in that regard. He’s a guy we count on now, I think.”

Coach Byrd on the tough schedule;

“It’s brutal.  We have got to get a lot better if we want to be competitive. But, we are 1-0.  Doesn’t matter if it is 30 or 3.”


What do you think of this Belmont team after our first game?  Leave it in the comments!

Belmont’s next game is Monday, November 11 at Richmond, 7 p.m. ET

  1. Sanderson Jr. is the new Slater

  2. Belmont was 24-49 from the field, not from the free throw line. They went 33-52 from the free throw line (63.5%), setting a team record for free throw attempts

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