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The GameDay Thread.

In Game Posts on March 21, 2013 at 11:12 am


If you are anything like us, you need to talk about this game.  Well, here is your chance to say everything on your mind without losing twitter followers.  Comment below for the Game Day Thread!

  1. SO. Nervous. But hopeful.

  2. I’m going to post trivial useless stats all day to make us feel better:
    Belmont is 21-0, in games taking place in the continental US, when scoring 30 or more points in the first half

  3. We are 22-0 when they make 10 or more free throws

  4. Interesting Stats LEFEEV

  5. We are 22-1 when holding opponents to less than 31 points in the first half…
    4 – 5 when we give up more than 32 first half points

  6. defense wins championships:

    we are 22-0 when holding teams to less than 1.0 points per possession

  7. Things I’m praying for (seriously):
    -that Ian doesn’t shy away from good shots and that HIS shot is dead-on tonight.
    -that the Hay Bailer reverses his current trend and makes more lay-ups than he misses … like A LOT more.
    -that Blake is healthy and comes out with a FIRE under his backside … oh, and doesn’t get his 2nd foul until AFTER the 10-min mark of the 1st half.
    -that Kerron & JJ play as well or BETTER than they did in the OVC Tourney.
    -Most of all, I hope we actually PLAY WELL in this NCAA game for a change. If they play as well as they are capable of, we have a great chance to #WINTHEDAMNGAME

    • Agree with all of these things, ScottH. One more thing i’m thinking is not coming out shaky. I’ve hated how nervous we look at the beginning of big games and give up easy turnovers. Gotta come out strong today and set the tone.

      • Indeed. Here’s to our experience and poise over the youthful talent of the ‘Cats. That and Bruins > Bunnies.

        • Scott – enjoyed your piece on Outkick. I honestly never thought Clay would have anything about Belmont on his site. You know, clicks and all.

          • Thanks! I honestly didn’t realize they chose to publish it until I read this your comment just now. So cool. Go Bruins!

    • Interesting you should mention that:
      We are 21-1 (one loss against Kansas) when Blake plays less than 26 minutes.

  8. Did anyone read the KenPom article on 3P Defense?

  9. We are 9-0 in games where Jeff Laidig has scored a basket and/or a rebound

  10. If there was a definiton of worthless stat it would be any stat including Jeff Laidig.

  11. lol @ the boss button on CBS

    ALso, VALP MICH ST game is giving me flashbacks

  12. Here’s another fun stat:
    Free Throw Rate: That is FTA/FGA… it basically tells you how many shots taken are free throws:

    Belmont is undefeated (20-0) when their free throw rate is higher than 24.6
    bottom line: belmont wins games on the free throw line… more timely field goal shooting and kerron drawing more fouls, will win this game

    we are 2-4 when our free throw rate is less than 16.0 (24-2 when FTR is above 16)

  13. Line still sitting at Belmont +4.5. Money line at +175 and over/under at 140.5

  14. Some good props too: over/under 15.5 total threes made by both teams. Ian over/under 16.5 points. First team to 20 points Belmont +120

  15. Also this: @RockChalkBlog: Combined FG/FGA for Butler-Bucknell: 14-for-49. best basketball Rupp Arena has seen all year. #BBN

  16. we are 17-0 when we draw more than 17 fouls…
    oh i’m gonna keep em coming!!!


  17. now for useless Arizona stats:

    The Cats are 4-6 when giving up more than 70 points in a game

  18. Arizona is winless (0-4) when they’ve given up more than 1.11 point per possession… Belmont has done this feat 22 (out of 32) times this season…

    they are 4-7 when they give up more than 1.05 points per possession…

    Belmont currently averages 1.13 points per possession this season

  19. they are also winless (0-5) in games where there assist to turnover ratio is higher than 1.42… and 3-7 in games where it is 1.09 or higher…

    Belmont’s average is 1.18

    verdict: this game is on kerron johnson to pass the ball well, limit turnovers and keep his composure

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