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Belmont (11) vs University of Arizona (6)

In Game Posts on March 18, 2013 at 10:27 am


(Wilbur and Wilma . . .)

Well party people – we’re going to Salt Lake City!

…And by ‘we’ I mean next-to-no-one from Nashville – save of course those fortunate enough to have Bobby Fisher foot the bill. But no matter! We shall cut out of work and mercilessly yell at television screens across this great southern city of ours!

Was anyone at the Selection Sunday party? Joel was, check out his photos here. How about that Sodexho BBQ? How’s everyone’s gut feeling? It’s always fun to be in a big loud crowd when our name is announced. It’s also fun to see The Bruin ‘faithful’ cheer for literally ANY team we draw.

Anyway, we at the Byrd Cage are working on teaming up with the folks at ‘Arizona Desert Swarm’ like we did last year with those punks at The Casual Hoya. If they cooperate, it will be hilarious and informative, two of our favorite things.

In the meantime, we wanted to set up a place where we can keep the conversation going and to share what the talking heads are saying about The Bruins. So here it goes:

First, A Cursory Primer on UofA:

Talking Heads Doing Some Talking:

Stay tuned for a Mort & Hugs Tourney Post, our annual Penny Picks ‘Em bracket pool where we try to beat Hugs’ dog in bracketology, A thursday night viewing party (currently in the works), and hopefully some foolishness with the cats from UofA.
P.S. Please add more articles in the comment section as they emerge!
  1. One of you jerks better have grabbed me a t-shirt.

  2. I think you guys are going to take it. Been a Cat fan for 20+ years and this team is in the top 3 for most frustrating for sure. So much potential that we just arent playing up to and with the way you shoot the 3 it makes me real nervous

  3. @BeansandRice22 (Awesome name by the way) Your reverse jinxes are not appreciated. I am going pretend you and your awesome name were talking Marshall Henderson level trash.

  4. Naw man, you guys will definitely win (reverse reverse jinx)

  5. Hugs, its the same damn shirt from every year. Can I get some blue up in this bitch please?

  6. Well Myron Medcalf was wrong.

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