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A Quick Reaction to The All Conference Awards

In Game Posts on March 5, 2013 at 7:09 pm


For those of you who didn’t know, the OVC announced their all-conference awards today. Knowing that you understand who won, who’s in, and who’s not, we’ll simply provide some reactions to the decisions announced today.

What they got right

Ultimately, while the split for player of the year is spineless and somewhat disappointing because it does kill some of the debate, it’s probably the right call. I could spend all night hashing this out on paper, but both players did too much this year to not be credited with this award. But, we’re a Belmont blog so we don’t like this decision. We tweeted out some numbers for consideration earlier today. Canaan certainly has a raw number argument, while Ian’s efficiency numbers dwarf the Murray State guard. So if we declare the numbers to be a draw, why are you rewarding someone who’s team finished 10-6… IN THE WESTERN DIVISION!!! Certainly, as the preseason favorite, Canaan did nothing to lose the award. This was simply a case of the newcomer just about stealing it from him and had Ian maintained his blistering pace that started the conference season, we may not even be having this discussion.

The serious no brainer was coach of the year. Could it really have been anyone else? Many here at the Cage have commentated and speculated that the coaching in the OVC actually makes the conference worse. Player for player, this league is heads above the ASUN and yet, the teams don’t seem to add up when given the sum of their parts. We’ve beaten this horse to death, but case in point is our buddy coach Prohm, who has managed to do nothing with 2 NBA players on his roster. It’s quite alarming that… Nevermind. I’m done with this. This is was the easiest call the OVC has ever had to make. We’re moving on.

What they got wrong

Trevor got robbed. Not completely robbed, but he got robbed. The perplexing aspect lies in the fact that the best team in the conference, far and away, only manages to the get a mention for 2 players. The awards are largely based on numbers, but ask any coach in the OVC about hardest match up in the league, and you’d get a lot of votes for Trevor Noack. He can rebound, pick and roll, pick and pop, shoots the three at an alarming clip for a big man, and has every post move you could ever want. Who would he replace? Let me answer your question with a question, does a guy from SEMO really deserve to be on either team? It’s a small gripe, but nonetheless, it’s an honor that the Hay Bailer deserved.

Any Takeaways?

The Bruins could pretty much argue that they cleaned house. Co-Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, and two members of the all-conference 1st team is quite the haul for a team in its first season in the league. One thing we noted all year was the proverbial target planted squarely on the Bruins back all year. As tournament time approaches, that target only got bigger. So much for laying low in your first season and surprising a few teams. The gauntlet has been laid and now the Bruins must navigate the traps they’ve set for themselves, along with the expectations that the OVC has bestowed upon them today.

– Jono Broadhead

  1. I’m sick of hearing the “first year” argument. So what? It’s our first year, and guess what? We beat the shit out of everyone. Is this like some fraternity where you have to pay dues? If this is the case then Belmont should not be allowed to win the league in its first year. Which we did.

  2. Listen suckers. I played 7 conference games and made an all-conference team. Haha. SEVEN GAMES! Thats how awesome I am. Go bail that hay. #iwishiwouldhaveplayedatSEMO

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