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Murray State: The Game of The Season For All The Wrong Reasons

In Game Posts on February 6, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Adult Steve ‘Stirs The Pot’ With Some Fight’n Words


Monday, this was The Byrd Cage’s official response to ESPN’s Bracketbuster announcement:


-One Cager, Who Shall Remain Anonymous

Needless to say, we’re upset.  We deserve better.  Matt Sherrill did a brilliant job summing up how heartbreaking this whole situation is in his article yesterday.

If you think we’re biased about how good Belmont is, don’t take our word for it. Talk to Jerome Boetcher at the City PaperDavid Climer at The Tennessean, or Myron Medcalf &’s National Panel – just to name a few.


Moving on…

As we prepare to play Murray State tomorrow, it seems that America is still twitterpated with The Racers.

ESPN’s Bracketbuster choices really punctuated this point (Did I mention we’re upset?) so it’s time we open our mouths and have some real talk about Thursday night’s game:

And the conversation begins here: Ian Clark is better than Isaiah Canaan. 

Look here.

Clark is better than Canaan statistically in FG%, FT%, 3PT%, steals, blocks (not that it matters) and not turning the ball over.  The only category Canaan really bests Clark: assists.  But don’t worry we have Kerron Johnson for that (4.7 APG).

I don’t need to go into detail about Murray State under achieving this year and having the strength of schedule roughly equivalent to the talent I faced as a small forward for the Heritage Middle School Hawks.  But then again, who are we to judge: we scheduled Lipscomb twice.

I will concede that Murray State had a spectacular year last year for a mid-major school.  But in the end they failed to go undefeated, they failed to reach the sweet 16 as a 6 seed, and Cinderella was supposed to go back to cleaning floors for her stepmother.  But while Murray State is dancing around the kitchen in her apron singing to her band of mice, ESPN is still doting on them as if the king’s court is trying to find the left foot that goes with the misplaced glass slipper left at last year’s dance… the only problem is Murray State didn’t even get to first base with Prince Charming.


It makes about as much sense as all of us wearing ‘We almost beat Duke’ shirts to every home game this year (don’t worry we don’t).

With all I’ve said, Thursday night is the game of the year for the Bruins.  Not because it’s going to be the best game to watch. It will be because: if the nation is yet to be concerned about the Bruins, beating Murray State at Racer Arena will get their attention.  Perhaps an embarrassing loss to The Mont will finally shift the mid-major attention to its rightful place:  1900 Belmont Blvd.

Murray State, your 15 minutes are up.

My prediction: Belmont 72 – 61

– Adult Steve

  1. My life as a sports fan is constantly building me up for a letdown. Please don’t let Belmont be another heartbreak.

  2. In the interest of laying it on thick: If you haven’t yet, you should watch this video of Zay Jackson running a guy over in a Walmart parking lot:

    If your going up to Murray tomorrow watch yourself in the parking lots and for the love of god don’t go to Walmart.

  3. @todd, that nervous feeling you feel… is the thing that gives a good cubs fan a sense of purpose… hold onto it… you’ll feel like your fandom is doing something for the world

    @BBC, i think the worst human being to play for belmont was shane dansby who’s only sin was that he never looked up from his phone during Accounting…

    in other words… watch this video…it’s about any and all belmont players… trying to get jobs with their health science degrees:

  4. […] – Murray State and Belmont face off tonight in the marquee game of the OVC season. But Belmont fans aren’t too happy that this is the biggest game of the season. They were hoping to get Creighton in BracketBusters. They didn’t. (Belmont Byrd Cage) […]

  5. […] the Lord for pot stirring ‘Adult Steve’ (who got a shout out from Troy Machir this morning at NBC) because, frankly, I’m nervous […]

  6. You are an idiot

  7. You only have 7 replies….pathetic! Your attempts to be a witty blog are really bad. Just because Belmont is private doesn’t mean smart people go there. You’re not Vandy! And, your reference to MSU having 15 minutes of fame is Funny. Most experts in sports know about the Racers for one reason….we’ve been winning for 25 years in D1 not d2 or 3 or wherever you came from Belmont. So, Fuck off!

  8. Go ahead and run that big trap some more. Ian Clark couldn’t even hold up Isaiah’s Jock. There has always been pretenders to Murray State’s reign as one of the premier non-BCS teams in the country the past 25 years, but NEVER contenders. We are Murray State and like every other team in the OVC, you will be our bitch way more years than you beat us. “15 minutes of fame” huh? Well, let’s just see if we can increase your obviously low basketball IQ with a couple of little old opinion links from an infinitely more respected and knowledgeable source than whoever the $#@% you are, which brings far more weight to Murray State’s national perception than your pure fantasy opinion, plus a basic stat that is pretty important to your place in history. LMAO, but being new to Murray State’s conference, I’ll just say, “Forgive his stupidity, for he knows not what the $#@% he’s talking about.”

    50 in 50 greatest college basketball programs of all time:

    Counting down the most prestigious programs since 1984-85:

    Top 50 in wins all time:

  9. you mad bruh?

    • Haha, nice response coming from the author of the angriest, whiniest, and not to mention one of the most factually inaccurate article I’ve ever read about Murray State.

    • You mad bruh??? Really? Based off your little rant, it sounds like you’re the one that’s angry. At least have some respect for a great tradition in college basketball. If you didn’t see that last night on ESPNU, then you need to stop writing about sports in general. Most Racer fans are excited about Belmont entering the league. We respect your program, so extend the same respect our way. We’ll see you guys in March in Nashville!

    • No man, just busting your chops for busting mine in that article. I went and checked out some of your work here and that blog article from the game was golden. I really don’t want to go through that again with this team. Besides, I want another shot at EKU.

  10. In full disclosure I have been banned from every blog in the OVC or any that I have ever posted on ( including Racer Nation ). With that being said, I kind of like your rag.You guys got brass, I’ll give you that. You guys are new around here and don’t yet understand who’s the present and future king and rightful heir to the OVC crown.

    That is MURRAY STATE, it’s OUR CROWN. Now don’t get me wrong, every now and then a fluke happens and someone wears a FAKE CROWN,but you can rest assured,by the time it comes to defending the fake crown,it will be ripped off your head by the rightful heir. This is called the FAKE CROWN THEORY. When someone other then Murray State wears the crown it’s FAKE, When Murray State wears the crown, it’s real because we are the rightful HEIR to the OVC crown every year.

    That’s the first rule you need to learn around here. You can learn it the easy way or the hard way. It makes no difference to us, but make no mistake about it you will learn it. You seem to think Murray St. is having a down year. Up year,or down year makes no difference to us, by the time we get to Nashville, we will be ready to defend OUR CROWN.

    A last word of advice, you better get that lazyass fan base of your’s off their ass,by the time Nashville rolls around, you’re gonna need them. If you don’t have enough, you better invent some. You will have absolutly no chance if the Murray State’s fans are twice the size as your’s in your city.

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