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Belmont Wins Big at Lipscomb, 89-60

In Game Posts on November 10, 2012 at 5:04 pm

Belmont won in a pretty sizeable blowout last night.  It seems that the hype of the Battle of the Boulevard rivalry will be going into indefinite hibernation until Lipscomb’s very young team does some growing up.

I’ve already heard the nay saying, that this, being an out of conference game, is meaningless.  And now that the Bruins are in the OVC, the Lipscomb game will no longer matter, because they will forever remain inferior being in our recently departed Atlantic Sun.  I beg to differ.  To be honest, if you take Murray State and Belmont out of the OVC it actually drops significantly against the A-Sun to the point that the A-Sun might actually be a far superior conference (read this article from ESPN).  Lipscomb might actually be more indicative of the teams we will play throughout the season, than say, the highly touted Murray State.


But my main point: Belmont looked stellar last night.

Kerron Johnson scored a very quiet 22 points last night as well as dishing 7 handouts.  This is exactly where we want Kerron Johnson, being the lane driving ninja that we remember from 2 seasons ago.  Last night Johnson looked as polished as I’ve ever seen him as did the Hay Bailer (Trevor Noack) (11pts, 6 rebs, 80% FGP), J.J Mann (17 pts, 4/6 3PFG, 5 reb, 3 assists) and a very slimmed down Blake Jenkins (he looks like he lost 20 lbs).  Even the Bakery grabbed 8 boards last night (just please keep passing the ball).  Everyone seemed like they grew up ten-fold in the off season.

It was fantastic to see the Bruins coming out swinging last night.  They were in mid-season shape and ready to be kings of the OVC.  Like a Caesar dreseed in red and blue cotton shorts they greedily looked at expanding their empire.  First the NAIA, then the A-Sun… now it’s time to pillage the OVC.

In years past we would have to wait until January to see this team come alive.  Last night as time went off the clock and the student section at Allen Arena, dressed in alien neon green began to dwindle, Belmont looked like Bain giving it to Batman, breaking their backs on center court and shouting, ‘Lipscomb, take control of your university.’  So, dear Lipscomb, the 131 battles we fought were grand, but we are officially done humiliating you and your conference, the rivalry now has our permission to die!

-Steven Lefebvre
  1. Hilarious and informed post. Tip of the hat, old friend.

  2. Thx for the shoutout bruh

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