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In Game Posts on November 7, 2012 at 7:42 pm

Murray State Head Coach Steve Prohm and Coach Byrd at OVC Media Day

Basketball season is back.  Belmont plays at Lipscomb on Friday and in honor of that, the Byrd Cage is posting a snippet of our interview from OVC Media Day with Coach Rick Byrd.  I ask him about size on the post, Isaiah Canaan, and playing on Friday.  Without further ado…

brett m:  Coach, Is there a big man problem this year?

coach byrd: Well we aren’t as good as we were inside.  It can be called whatever it needs to be called.  Trevor Noack is going to play more inside than he has ever played.  Now, Trevor is alot better than people think in that role, but Chad Lang needs to improve and give us quality minutes.  And we are also going to have to play different than last year.  But our 08′ team that lost to Duke by 1 point did not have big men play like last year.

bm:  Do you see Blake Jenkins’ role getting bigger with the 4 spot?

cb: I do, I do.  With our post depth being much worse than last year, he’s going to be more 4 than 3.

bm:  CBS Sports ranked Isaiah Canaan the #1 point guard in the country- do you believe that?

cb:  There’s about 345 of them I haven’t seen.  He’s a great player, I only got to see him play a bit a year ago.  He’s nearly unstoppable.  

bm:  You spoke a little bit about Chad (Lang) earlier.  Has he improved over the summer?

cb:  He has improved fitness wise.  I would like to see him further along in his understanding of what we need from him. Right now he is not ready to play as big of a role as I wish that he was.

bm:  How do you feel about that first game against Lipscomb?

cb:  How do I feel about it?!

bm:  (Laughing) Yeah, I was surprised to see it as the first game of the year.

cb:  Yeah, well, there are so many parts of scheduling that are difficult and we decided to play twice.  Then we started talking about open dates.  And that’s that.  We have the holidays in there, and we want to play both games when the students are there and that limits things.  There are two people playing that game, and one of them is going to win- and how you could tell who has the advantage or project it… I mean you could say they have a lot of new guys and we don’t know the match ups.  Or you could say we have an experienced team and they have a young team.  One team is going to win, and another is going to lose.  I mean, let’s play it tomorrow!


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