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Meeting Our New Foes: Jacksonville State

In Game Posts on August 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Welcome to Jacksonville State, located in Jacksonville.  Jacksonville, Alabama.  That’s right!  You thought I meant Florida!  Well you are wrong-o.

Located in northeast Alabama, Jacksonville State was founded in  1883 as “Jacksonville State Normal School”.  I don’t know about you, but as a marketer, it made me breathe a sigh of relief that they took the “Normal” and “School” out.  And yes, I know I could research farther and find out that “Normal” in1883 did not mean then what we mean now, but I don’t want to do that.  I hope the prospective new student pamphlets say things like, “Far From Normal”…


In further research (thank you to Jimmy Wales), I found out that Jacksonville State’s academics are nothing to scoff at.  I am not helping Belmont’s academic reputation by ending that last sentence in “at”, but nonetheless, Jax State’s business school was ranked in the top 10 percentile by U.S. News and World Report.  Way to go.

Amongst many other strange Wiki facts is the fact that the school’s marching band and dance team led the New Year’s celebration in freaking London.  Yeah.  Watch out Bruin Blast.

Notable Alumni:

Lead Singer of Alabama, and a Nitro Girl.


Brad Paisley who?

Move over, Steve Spurrier, the real Gamecocks are coming through.

The Team

Finishing the season with an overall record of 15-18, the Gamecocks were really nothing to write home about.  Averaging ESPN’s overall stats, the team was about the 240th best team in the nation.  They scored 65 points a game (to Belmont’s 81.5) and had a FG% of .425.  Pretty rough.  But they played teams like Cincinnati and Murray State.  Okay that’s it.  And they only played Murray State once, and actually advanced once in the OVC tournament- but my point here is that they are pretty much below average- if not a bad basketball team.

The Players

Leading scorer Brian Williams,

Sorry- this one-

The sophomore scored about 13 points a game last year as their starting point guard (sometimes playing a 2).  He is young, but put in serious minutes (35 a game) and shot about .404 FG%. So there’s that.  But he had some serious learning last year and is the go-to-guy this coming season, so I can say those numbers might be a bit more polished.

That’s about all she wrote on the players you need to know.  Other than the fact the tallest guy on their team last year was the size of our Blake Jenkins (6-7), they snatched a JuCo from local Nashville suburb (I think I can call it that) Mt. Juliet this summer.  His name is Teraes Clemmons and he is 6-6 and is used to losing two games at his heralded Northwest Florida State College.

But he hasn’t played Belmont yet.

-Brett McReynolds


Stay tuned for Byrd Cage coverage on all the OVC teams you need to know before the season starts!

  1. JSU gamecocks did a little more recruiting you obviously are not aware of. with the addition of clemmons they went West to Las VEgas and got 6’9 Michael Louder ranked 6 in the state who I seen play against Findley prep No joke. ALso Darrius Moore who Is 6’9 Tough kid who can compete with the best of the best and lets not forget Alex. Smith top point guatd in Tenn with these additions JSU has a bright future Belmont, and OVC better beware. Ps they play top ranked UNLV AND OREGON IN NOV

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