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It’s That Time Of Year: The “Penny Pick Em” Bracket Challenge

In Game Posts on March 13, 2012 at 11:41 am

Can you beat the Belmont basketball loving doggie “Penny” in a bracket challenge?  We at the Byrd Cage think you simply cannot.

The Story:

Last year we decided to put one of our writers’ dogs, Penny, up to the challenge of a bracket.  We placed each individual match-up on pieces of paper, placed each team an equal distance apart, and put a wonderful doggie treat on each team’s paper.  We tried to make them small, but after all, this was a feast day for Penny.   We then asked Penny to sit, stay, and then go!  Her first choice of treat on the corresponding paper was the team she picked to win the game.

We thought she was favoring high seeds this time, as she picked Belmont again and again.  So we even switched the seed sides around, making sure Penny wasn’t just going to her right every time.  What we found at the end of the “Pick Em” was a Penny that chose some good match-ups, some crazy upsets, and Belmont in the Final Four.

Do you have what it takes?

The password is, of course, penny.

 Click here to join!

  1. I think Penny might have developed an eating disorder from yesterday’s colossal binge. At the very least, she gained 2 pounds. As Penny says, “Belmont til I die… of diabetes!”

  2. Penny is a pyscho-genius.

    Side note: If you are prone to making insanely loud sounds and repeated erratic movements DO NOT watch a Belmont game with Penny.

  3. but only dudes… we have a demeaning name for her in that way…

  4. The old man is in.

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