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Everybody Talking About Belmont

In Features, Game Posts on March 12, 2012 at 7:44 am

Look who’s talking…

Kerron Johnson on front page of CBSsports

CBSsports:  Picks the Belmont Upset

ESPN:  Kerron Johnson in Top-10 Mid-Major stars that could bust your bracket

Dick Vitale via USA Today:  Belmont “will not be an easy out”

ESPN:  Nashville is one of only two cities to have two teams in the tournament

ESPN Giant Killers:  Belmont is ranked the 2nd most likely team to upset

ESPN Giant Killers:  Drew Hanlen listed as a player who could cause an upset

ESPN Andy Katz:  Belmont Could Beat Georgetown

SBNation:  Belmont a “good” candidate for upset

SBNation:  More upset talk (New Jersey Local News):  Georgetown overrated, Belmont “tricky”

CBSsports:  Belmont not afraid of anyone

CBSsports:  One of the Top 5 “Must Watch” games

AP:  Belmont thinks 5th time is a charm

CBS’ Seth Davis:  Belmont in Sweet 16

NBC Connecticut:  More Sweet 16 Talk

NBC:  Belmont a “trendy” pick

NY Daily News:  Teams to “watch out for”

Bleacher Report:  Belmont Sweet 16?

Belmont a “Dark Horse”

What about you?  What do you think?

  1. I’m having chemical flashbacks to last year. Belmont was a sexy pick over Wisconsin. That didn’t pan out.

  2. Blake Jenkins could be a hero in this game.

  3. I worry about the media overhyping Belmont as a trendy upset pick (as always) and it raising the pressure. I hope the boys can keep their focus this week with all the talk going on.

    However, I think if we can beat Georgetown, we can beat San Diego State in the next game.

    Belmont ’till I die!

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