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Breaking: Lipscomb “Suspends Permanently” More Players

In Game Posts on March 1, 2012 at 8:32 am

According to Lumination Online, the Lipscomb University Athletic Department announced on Wednesday that Bisons basketball players Damarius Smith and Marvin Williams were “suspended from the team permanently”.

This, of course, comes after the recent dismissal of the best 3-point shooter in the nation, Jordan Burgason.  The details have not been released as to why Burgason was expelled, or even as to why both Smith and Williams were suspended permanently.  Lumination Online also mentions Head Coach Scott Sanderson’s comment about Williams last suspension in the Belmont game, “It was just a discipline issue.  We handled it and are moving forward.”

It must be worrisome enough to fret over grammatical issues for the Bisons, and now with a major discipline issue- Lipscomb’s basketball program looks to be in the pits.

“But it’s only 3 players!  You are taking this too far,” some may be thinking.  But the fact is, I haven’t taken it far enough.

Lumination Online goes as far in the article above to mention the total of Lipscomb Bisons who left or have been suspended this year alone, “Milos Kleut, Zach Brown, Brett Stall, Stephen Hurt, Robert Boyd, Jordan Burgason, Damarius Smith and Marvin Williams.”

With a bench last night of four players, the Lipscomb Bisons still showed an impressive stand against a Mercer home crowd, taking the game to the final minutes.  But the story here is not resilience, it isn’t about stepping up, and it definitely isn’t about rose-colored glasses.

It is about a problem.

As Belmont University joins the Ohio Valley Conference next year and leaves their conference rival behind, Lipscomb will do well to put away the measuring stick.  This season has proved for once and for all that the difference in the schools measurement is a ruler and a yardstick.  The days of Don Meyer are long gone Bisons, and the Scott Sanderson “barely above .500 with one regular season A-Sun championship and no NCAA tournament berths” are, simply put, not cutting it.  The shambles of a department led by a coach who has a barely above winning record and has clearly shown he cannot control his men should be enough for Bisons fans.  How much worse can it get?  It simply cannot get worse.

The objective fact in all this mess?  Lipscomb University men’s basketball showed this season, once and for all, that Belmont’s move to another conference might just be the best thing for that other little school down the Boulevard with a basketball team.

-Brett McReynolds

  1. Looking back, I wonder how much differently each of these programs would have fared if the outcome of the 2006 ASun Tournament had been different. I truly believe that Lipscomb’s recent struggles can be attributed, at least in part, to Belmont’s success over the same period – as you’ve alluded. Good work Brett.

  2. Didn’t you guys watch me play last night?? The future at Lipscomb has never been brighter and I plan on leading us to the promised land. Dad told me I could do it. I know I can do it.

  3. In YO FACE! Lipscomb: treating 22 year old young men like 6 year old girls.

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