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Kennesaw State: Part Two

In Game Posts on February 23, 2012 at 1:02 pm

After our win at home against Trevecca, I previewed Kennesaw State early in the season.  You can see that here.  As I already previewed the school, I won’t do what I did last time.  Instead,  i’ll break down what Kennesaw State has been doing since we last beat them 98-52 in Nashville on December 1st;

Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Win.  Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss.Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss.Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss.

I don’t say this to be mean.

I say this to show you what kind of team we are facing tonight.  They have three wins total.  At Chattanooga.  Home against REIN.  I’m serious, that is what it said.  I can’t even click on the name at  And, of course, their last win at home against the Islanders of the University of Texas A&M- Corpus Christi.  They are 0-16 in the Atlantic Sun.

Doesn’t sound like problem, does it?  Well, it sounds like just the problem to me.

Enter Markeith Cummings.

The beastly 6-7 Junior guard put up 27 points against Tennessee Tech and Jacksonville.  He has scored over 20 points in 7 different games this season (18 points against Wisconsin at the beginning of the year).

The guy is no joke.  He is nothing to fool with.  He is certainly not someone this basketball writer (in a loose sense of the term) wants anything to do with.  Belmont would be wise to not underestimate this team-  Because we are going into their gym.  We have a lot on the line.  We have everything to lose.

I’m sure there is nothing more that Mr. Cummings would rather do than put up 30 and get 15 rebounds against a Bruins team that underestimated his Owls.



Tip-Off is at 7 p.m. ET at Kennesaw State tonight.

  1. markeef to belmont. I say we straight tamper.

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