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OVC Releases 2012-13 Basketball Divisional Play

In Game Posts on February 16, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Eastern Kentucky
Jacksonville State
Morehead State
Tennessee State
Tennessee Tech

Austin Peay
Eastern Illinois
Murray State
Southeast Missouri
UT Martin

Let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Obviously would love to play Murray 2X a year because they are on tv right now. Morehead did, however, win the league last year and they are a good program, and TSU is good too. Tennesse Tech? God now I’m going to get sucked into some stupid roadtrip to cookeville and eat at beef o’brady’s on a thursday night. It’s going to be raining and I”ll probably twist my ankle. Just sounds miserable.

  2. Don’t know a better way to do it but would’ve liked to see Austin Peay in the divison.

  3. i would prefer to hear let’s go pee, more often

  4. I agree that AP should be in the division, keep the TN schools together. would you trade AP for Morehead though? I wouldn’t.

  5. Belmont get’s to go to Jacksonville – HAPPY NOW DREW??? 🙂

  6. Yeah, I think Belmont would make more sense in the west. I don’t know though. Tennessee Tech just doesn’t seem like it will be as good of a rivarly as Peay could have been. And the roadtrip to Richmond, KY should be a blast. If you start counting teeth when you cross the KY state like, you might hit 20 by the time you hit Richmond.

  7. Jacksonville state is in the middle of nowhere alabama. Some OVC fan you are.

  8. I think maybe that kylerwilliams guy was oozing with sarcasm..

  9. You you rather have Morehead or Go Pee?

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